Dr. Sutherland will be speaking at the Suncoast Annual Parkinson Symposium on January 31, 2015 in Sarasota, FL. This symposium is the largest in the southeast and has welcomed distinguished lecturers from across the country and the world for more than 15 years. This year's symposium is sold out once again but you can visit for other engaging Parkinson events throughout the year.


03/15/2015 1:39pm

This symposium is the largest in the southeast and has welcomed distinguished lecturers from across the country.

01/05/2016 10:01am

I love attending symposia because I learn a lot of topics I did not even know that I was interested in. I love going to TED talks and watching videos of talks that I missed. Yes, sure, I have always been geeky. But hey, I am quite happy with how things are in my life that I do not need other people's validation. That is so high school.

09/16/2015 2:06pm

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Parkinson disease must be battled at every level and I am proud of the Southeastern Center for their efforts.

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